A scheme aimed at making Canberra homes more energy efficient today celebrated the installation of 125,000 super efficient LED light bulbs into Canberra homes in less than four months.

The installation of light bulb number 125,000 took place in a house in Ngunnawal with local Gungahlin MLA Meegan Fitzharris on hand to congratulate the householder and installers.

“This milestone shows Canberrans are embracing the ACT Government’s initiatives to reduce green house gas emissions and save on energy bills at the same time,” Ms Fitzharris said.

“LED light bulbs are a really simple way to save power. They use about one eighth the amount of power of conventional halogen down lights and because they don’t get hot they are less of a fire risk.”

The Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS) was introduced by the ACT Government in 2013 to lower household and small business energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the ACT.

“A key component of the scheme is that more than 25% of those participating are low-income households, who pay a higher proportion of their income on electricity bills and cannot always afford to upgrade to more energy efficient appliances like the LED bulbs,” Ms Fitzharris said.

The scheme requires electricity providers like ActewAGL to install energy efficient devices such as LED light bulbs, draft excluders and power board controllers (that turn devices off when on standby to save power).

“These items can make a big difference with a 2014 review showing participating households would on average save about $1,600 over the lifetime of activities undertaken. These lights will also reduce Canberra’s energy demand by over 5 megawatt hours per year, minimising the amount of renewable energy we need to source to meet our target of 90% renewable by 2020,” Ms Fitzharris said.

The 125,000 LED lights installed in this program to date will deliver total annual savings of over $866,000 to Canberra households. Canberra’s greenhouse gas footprint will be reduced by over 53,500 tonnes of emissions.

Last month the government extended the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme until the end of 2020 which it estimates will save an additional $106 million on everyday Canberran’s household bills.

ACT residents can book a free Energy Saving House Call by phoning ActewAGL on 1300 789 002 or registering online via www.actewagl.com.au