Member for Molonglo Meegan Fitzharris today joined more than 200 local businesses keen to learn how to make their operations more sustainable and save money at the 5th annual Actsmart Business Sustainability Expo.

“The Actsmart programs provide a wide-range of options for local Canberra businesses to become more sustainable by reducing their environmental footprint, including reducing their water and energy use, and substantially decreasing their waste that is sent to landfill.

“The statistics from these programs are incredible, with 40,000 staff across Canberra and Queanbeyan now recycling at work with more than 330,000 domestic recycling bins worth of waste diverted to recycling,” Ms Fitzharris said.

The Actsmart programs also assist businesses to upgrade their appliances to ones that are more energy efficient, saving businesses around $2,500 each year off their energy bills.

“The commercial sector is one of the biggest energy consumers in Canberra, so it is vital that industry is on-board to assist the community in becoming the sustainable capital. Programs like Actsmart give the sector the tools and knowledge to make this a reality,” Ms Fitzharris said.

“This year the Canberra Business Chamber is also on board, highlighting how important these initiatives are for their stakeholders, which can help them become more sustainable and reduce their overhead business costs.

“And because many of the changes that can be made are changes in behaviour, they can be adopted for the home environment too,” said Ms Fitzharris.

The Expo involved 40 stall holders showcasing their products, as well as tailored workshops providing hands-on experience to demonstrate how staff can implement the initiatives at their workplaces.