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Gundaroo Drive Petition

Duplicate Gundaroo Drive

We, the undersigned, call on the ACT Government to prioritise in its 2015-16 Budget funding the duplication of Gundaroo Drive between Mirrabei Drive and Barton Highway. 

The section of Gundaroo Drive between Mirrabei Drive and Gungahlin Drive in particular is a bottleneck, one of the leading causes of congestion on Gundaroo Drive and a frequent site of rear end accidents. We also ask that in the interim a sign be erected to alert drivers to slow down on this stretch.

Noting that the funding for design and construction of roads projects must keep pace with population growth and movements of people for work and leisure, the Gungahlin community expresses its strong view that the ACT Government should prioritise roads investment in Gungahlin by committing to the duplication of Gundaroo Drive. We also express our view that the duplication of Horse Park Drive should also begin as soon as possible.



Based on community feedback through a range of channels it is clear Gungahlin residents would like the ACT Government’s 2015-16 Budget to invest in additional roads funding for Gungahlin. We congratulate the ACT Government for funding the essential upgrade to the Barton Highway, William Slim, Gundaroo Drive roundabout and now urge the ACT Government to fund the next stage of that work, the full duplication of Gundaroo Drive from Mirrabei Drive. With the population of the Gungahlin region expected to reach 55 450 by 2019, it is important this work get underway as soon as possible.


Petition is now closed

Thank you everyone who signed, the petition is now closed. We reached 1,033 signatures and will update you soon on the progress of the Gundaroo Drive Duplication.

Here is Meegan presenting the petition to Mick Gentleman MLA, the Minister for Roads and Parking on the 14th of May.



 Update: Thank you to everyone who signed my petition to duplicate Gundaroo Drive – we did it!

On Tuesday Chief Minister and Treasurer, Andrew Barr, handed down the 2015-16 ACT Budget. I'm proud to say it contains:

  • $31.2 million to the duplication of Gundaroo Drive (initially between Mirrabei Drive and Gungahlin Drive), and
  • $17.1 million for the part duplication of Horse Park Drive, and $1 million to complete the design work for the full duplication.
  • $14 million to enhance the Gungahlin Town Centre’s traffic network, including extensions to The Valley Avenue and Manning Clark Crescent.

All up there is an additional $90 million being spent on roads in this Budget, and $62.3 million of this is being spent in Gungahlin.